Individual Pastries

All of our Individual pastries are ideal for any cake cabinet.

Apple Slices12 Portions

Lovely thick pastry filled with a generous layer of apples cooked to perfection and finished with a sprinkling of sugar.

Cherry Slice12 Portions

Just as delicious as the apple slices but filled with morello cherries.

Mince Slice12 Portions

As above but filled with mincemeat for a sweet alternative.

Cherry & Almond Slice12 Portions

Rich Madeira cake laced with almond essence and decorated with morello cherries.

Coconut & Jam Slice15 Portions

Traditional dessert, rich coconut cake covered in jam and desiccated coconut.

Apple Strudel20 Portions

Apples, sultanas and various spices wrapped in a light fillo pastry, cooked to perfection. Dusted with snow.

Apple Crumble12 Portions

Lovely thick pastry filled with a generous layer of apples cooked to perfection, covered in a layer of sweet crumble.

Apple Lattice Tarts12 Portions

A sweet pastry case filled with apple, sultanas and spices. Decorated.

Swiss Apple Slices12 Portions

Two bars of puff pastry filled with apples and sultanas decorated with a fondant-covered lattice.

Rum Flavour BabasVarious

Individual savarins soaked in a rum flavoured jam.

  • With long life cream 12 portions
  • With fresh cream 12 portions
  • With fruit 12 portions
  • Plain no cream 12 portions

Custard Tarts12 Portions

Short crust pastry filled with confectioner’s custard, sprinkled with mix spice.

Mississippi Mud Tarts12 Portions

Short crust Pastry filled with a coffee mousse and covered with chocolate fudge.

Bake well Tarts12 Portions

Short crust pastry filled with raspberry jam and an almond flavoured sponge cake covered with fondant

Paradise Tarts12 Portions

Short crust pastry filled with a coconut-based fruitcake covered with fondant.

Strawberry Tarts12 Portions

Short crust pastry filed either a fresh cream or a non-dairy cream covered with fresh strawberries and jelly.

Can be supplied with fresh cream or non-dairy cream or left plain for you to decorate

Fresh Fruit Tarts12 Portions

Short crust pastry filled with crème patisserie decorated with seasonal fruit and glazed.

Lemon Meringue Tarts 12 Portions

Short crust pastry filled with delicious tangy lemon filling covered with a mountainous helping of meringue.

Banoffee Tarts12 Portions

A light short crust pastry filled with caramel and fresh bananas topped with fresh cream.

Danish Pastries12 Portions

An assorted box of goodies you get a mixture of apricot, pineapple & custard. Sultanas, apple and custard or cherry.

If you prefer a particular flavour just order you favourites.

Danish Pastries Medium 12 Portions

Same as above but slightly smaller.

Almond Danish12 Portions

Danish style pastry, flavoured with almond essence, decorated with sticky fondant and nibbled nuts.

Éclairs12 Portions

Beautiful sweet choux pastry covered with chocolate topping.

Can be supplied either with fresh cream or a non-dairy cream.

With no cream, so you can cream them yourself. 12 portions

Millefeuille (Cream Slices) 18 Portions

Delicious puff pastry filled with either a non-dairy cream or fresh cream decorated with a classic fondant design.

Swiss Roll9 Portions

A delicious chocolate roulade filled with fresh cream and morello cherries. Cut into 9 portions and dusted with sweet snow.

Toffee Slices15 Portions

A delicious coffee cake topped with toffee fudge.

Fudge Slices14 Portions

A rich chocolate sponge covered with a generous layer of chocolate fudge.

Banana Slices14 Portions

A banana flavoured sponge cake topped with a thick layer of banana cream.

Carrot Slices18 Portions

A moist Cake laden with carrots and mix spices topped with a thick layer of crème frosting.

Lemon Slice 12 Portions

Lemon Sponge cake topped with lemon jam and nuts.

Florentine Shortbread12 Portions

Real thick block of shortbread covered with nuts and demi glazed fruits Covered with chocolate

Florentine (Round) 12 Portions

Real Italian style Florentines. Thin layer of nuts and mix fruit baked just to perfection. Dipped in chocolate.

Fruit Trifles12 Portions

Delicious fruit laden trifles decorated with either a long life non-dairy cream or fresh cream, they come in their own tub with seal able lid.

Rum Flavoured Truffles24 Portions

Chocolate truffle mixture with sultanas and chopped nuts, laced with rum essences, dipped in chocolate.

Cookies18 Portions

Available in either dark or single choc variety.

Muffins12 Portions

Available in the following flavours:

  • Chocolate chip
  • Double chocolate chip
  • Banana & walnut
  • Cherry
  • Blueberry