Trolley Cakes

Chocolate Fudge Cake14 Portions

Two layers of moist chocolate fudge cake, filled and coated with a rich fudge icing.

Death by Chocolate14 Portions

A combination of rich chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, milk chocolate and fudge icing finished with chocolate cream and crunchy flakes. A must for chocolate lovers.

Chocolate All Over16 Portions

Two layers of chocolate sponge, filled with chocolate mousse, finished with dark chocolate.

Chocolate Mud16 Portions

Chocolate sponge topped with vanilla mousse and chocolate mousse covered with chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Cerano14 Portions

Three layers of chocolate sponge filled with patisserie cream, maraschino, decorated with chocolate ganache and pecan nuts.

After Coffee 16 Portions

Coffee mousse on a sweet biscuit base, covered in beautiful glazing jelly.

Sticky Toffee Apple 14 Portions

Two layers of toffee cake sandwiched with purred apple, flavoured and masked with caramel fudge topping decorated with a chocolate swirl.

Toffee Apple Cake 14 Portions

Two layers of toffee sponge separated with diced apples, finished with toffee fudge icing

Tennessee Toffee Pie14 Portions

Two layers of coffee sponge sandwiched with a rich toffee cream filling.

Fruits Of The Forest16 Portions

Two layers of vanilla sponge filled with strawberry mousse, covered with glazed forest fruit.

Passion Cake14 Portions

Two layers of carrot and walnut sponge, concealed with a passion cream frosting.

Lady Raspberry14 Portions

Two layers of soft chewy meringue filled with a raspberry and custard cream.

Lemon Meringue Pie16 Portions

Pastry case filled with tangy lemon filling, crowned with a luscious meringue.

Pecan Pie14 Portions

A sweet paste base, filled with maple syrup flavoured pecan and walnut mixture. Decorated with pecans and glazed. A beautiful sweet pie.

Deep Apple Pie12 Portions

Juicy apples and sultanas mixed with nutmeg encased in a light short crust pastry.

Dorset Apple Cake14 Portions

A TraditionalDorsetFavourite cake made with apples sultanas in a spicy cake mix.

Cutting Cakes

  • Apple Crumble
  • Banana
  • Banana and toffee
  • Carrot Bar
  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate & Custard
  • Coconut
  • Coconut & Custard
  • Coffee Walnut
  • Lemon Drizzle
  • Orange Bar

18″ Cakes

Fruit Cake – 12″ Cakes

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